About Us

About Us

Info Brief: (Update 1.8.2003)

About us:

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Ing. Christian Krölling  Norbert Krölling 
15 Years Engineering and Service  
Engineering and Building
more then 30 Year Engineering and Service
mechanical Master 

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Description of our Company:

We are a small company in case of that we are very flexible, so we are spezialized in prototyping of machines of all kind..

We have many years expirience in Electronik, pneumatic and also hydraulic.

Our machines are developen on the folowwing aspects:

- customer needs are the starting pioint

- simple construction

- Easy maintaining with standardized parts from wll known companies (Siemens, Festo, .... )

- Easy to use

Samples of developed machines (look also to Products)

Casings: Loopclipper 2 (Sc2), to ready-made casings wirh Clip or Clip and Loop "grabing-machine" for natural casings


FoilBottleWeldingMachine, make a Bottle with a platic-foil, a bottleneck and a bottom

- FoilBagWeldingMachine also known as Shrinkbag, fort multi-layer-plastic-foils, fully computer controlled without the need of mechanical reconfiguration if you are chaning the production-parameters, different sealing-systems on your fingertip, for example impuls and and constant-heat sealing system on the machine

- Plasticbagmachine, for example use for Chips, Sauerkraut, Sweets, and much more

- Foilschrinkingmachines

Special Engineerings :

automatic Bangle-checking

- Gabbage-cutting with automatic salt-addition

- Updating of old Systems to an actual technical level

- Horizontal-turning-machine for Minedetection-Coils

- Controlling-systems of different kinds, for Printing-machines, squeezers, pallet-conveying, ....

- Conveyings of Stainless-Steel

Devices: Uncolilng with linearforce-system for constant tension, Clamping-devices, Handling-devices

and much more ....

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